Autism in school

During the Primary school’s recent study days, an inspiring workshop on Autism was lead by Saskia Sliepenbeek from the “Autisme Steunpunt Zuidoost-Brabant”. For veteran teachers of the R.I.S. (our school’s former name) who had followed Saskia’s course ten years ago, it was a good follow up to learn about the latest developments in Autism research and support. For new colleagues as well, the following film portraying various children with Autism, served as a practical introduction to the complexity of forms of Autism. See Signs of ASD: Birthday Party  

This workshop left us with many questions concerning the continual rise of Autism in our society and its characteristic traits. One colleague questioned if there has been an increase of Autism due to societal structures being broken down in the last generations. Furthermore, it was questioned if many persons who lack flexibility in modern day society indirectly rebel against being challenged almost daily with new innovations and changes. In any event, lots of food for thought thanks to a compassionate presentation by Saskia on how to work with autistic children in our classes. 



Sid Bachrach, Senior teacher of 7E – International Department